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Events 2012

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Take part in various events happening in the magnificent nature of Kamikochi.
Along with festivals and ceremonies, music festivals and natural observation field trips will be held this year.

  • Kamikochi Route Opens

    April 22th (Friday)

  • The 43rd Kamikochi Opening Ceremony at Kappabashi Bridge

    April 27th (Wednesday)

  • The 65th Weston Festival

    June 4th (Saturday) and 5th (Sunday)

  • The 27rd Kamikochi Music Festival

    June 11th (Saturday)

  • Hotaka Shrine Boat Festival

    October 8th (Saturday)

  • Kamikochi Closing Ceremony at Kappabashi Bridge

    November 15th (Tuesday)
    All participants will be treated to Sake to give thanks for Kamikochi’s blessed nature.
    Venue: Kappa Bridge

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